Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to Dalhousie

Copied below is an email sent to all incoming graduate students:

I hope you're having an enjoyable summer. While there is more than a month
before the semester begins, I wanted to welcome you to our graduate programme
and to provide some introductory information.

Our Graduate Studies page is revised regularly by Valerie Peck. It provides
important information about our programme, including the Graduate Handbook,
which has been updated for 2009-2010 -- so please consult it regularly:

I plan to meet with each of you individually in early September to discuss your
studies for the upcoming year. I will be away 4-11 August, but I will be in
Halifax for the remainder of the summer. Please email me if you'd like to
schedule a meeting in late August; otherwise, Valerie Peck will schedule
meetings for early September. Professor Colin Mitchell will be acting
coordinator during my absence next week.

This year's annual meet & greet will be held in the Lord Dalhousie Pub, in the
University Club, on September 11th, 3:30-5:30. I hope to see all of you there:
it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other MA & PhD students,
postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members.

I am in the process of finalizing the syllabus for the Masters Seminar, History
5800, which all incoming MA students are expected to complete. I will email
you a copy of the syllabus in August. The seminar will be held on Mondays,
1:00-3:00, in room LSC 208. The Graduate Handbook provides some basic
information about the MA seminar.

In addition to the Masters Seminar, you will be expected to enrol in two
graduate courses. If you haven't done so already, you should review the list of
graduate courses and consult with your MA supervisor. The complete list of
courses for 2009-2010, including some of the syllabi, is contained in the
Graduate Handbook.

Please check your Dalhousie email accounts regularly and, once you arrive on
campus, your Departmental mailbox. Valerie Peck will be sending emails only to
your Dalhousie accounts.

The schedule for this year's Stoke's Seminar will be posted soon on our
Department's homepage. Graduate students are expected to attend the seminars,
which take place 3:30-5:00 on Friday afternoons from September to April.

Finally, the Faculty of Graduate Studies' homepage contains a wealth of information concerning graduate studies, and I encourage you to visit the site (including the Dean's blog), as well as the Centre for Learning and Teaching homepage, which covers a number of important programmes.

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